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Friends of Smannell & Enham School

Our school PTA is known as 'Friends of Smannell & Enham School' (FOSS).

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Sponsored Fun Run - Friday 23rd June 2017


On Friday 23rd June The Friends of Smannell & Enham Primary School are holding a Sponsored Fun Run to take place during the school day.

The sponsorship money raised on this day will go towards our ongoing project to raise enough money to provide the children of our school with a play structure suitable for all their ages.

This will give every child the opportunity to receive sponsors from family and friends on the attached form and have fun with their friends completing the run, gaining badges for their hard work and a medal for crossing the finish line.


The children in Robins will complete 1 lap of the school field.

The children in Puffins will complete 3 laps of the school field.


The children in Kingfishers and Swallows will complete a course consisting of a lap of the school field and then take them up the lane to the woods and back.


We hope you all agree this project is a very worthy one and will benefit each and every one of the children of Smannell & Enham School and we will continue to arrange ongoing events until we reach the end goal.


The Friends