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Junior Governors

And the winner is...

And the winner is... 1
The Junior Governors met this week to judge the winner of the 'Name that junk'  competition. With over 100 entries there was stiff competition but the winning name has been chosen and our recycled sculpture is called Dave! Well done to our winner.

Junior Governor's 'Name that junk' competition

Still image for this video
The Junior Governors have launched a naming competition for our new junk model sculpture. Good luck!
The votes have been counted and checked by our school ambassadors and today in Celebration Worship the returning officers announced the winners of the 2017-2018 Junior Governor elections.  Congratulations to all the hard work begins!
Picture 1 The votes are counted...
Picture 2 The returning officers take their place...
Picture 3 The 2017-2018 Junior Governors

Democracy Week 2017

Democracy Week 2017 1
Democracy Week 2017 2

This week has been Smannell and Enham's Democracy week.  It was launched by a visit from Cllr Phil North, the leader of Test Valley Borough Council who spoke to us about his role on the council.  He offered us advice about being a successful councillor and made us think about the qualities we want in our class representatives on the Junior Governing body.


Thursday was polling day in school and every child exercised their democratic right to vote!  The results were counted by the school's ambassadors; Verity and Eswyn and  announced in Celebration Worship on Friday!

Picture 1 Voting in Robins
Picture 2 Every child got to have their say
Picture 3 Our votes went in the ballot box



This year's Young Governor elections will take place during our Democracy Week, beginning on Monday 2nd October 2017, culminating on polling day; Thursday 5th October 2017.  That week we hope to have some special visitors into school to talk to the children about the importance of democracy in British society and the responsibilities that come with being democratically elected by your peers.


The children will be encouraged to canvas their classmates and win their votes.  Mr Shaw will be our returning officer in Celebration Worship on the Friday of Democracy Week, where the results will be announced.

The Junior Governors 2016-2017

The Junior Governors 2016-2017 1

This year's projects

So far this year the Junior Governors have led many fundraising events within school.  Our latest project concerns noise reduction in the hall at lunchtimes.  Due to the shape and acoustics in the lunch hall, lunch time can become a noisy time, rather than the pleasant dining experience we aim for.  The school council have decided it is time to do something about this and so we have started to gather ideas from our friends and classmates on how we can make lunchtimes a better experience for everyone.


Our first action was to go on a walk around the school to see how noise is managed in classrooms and to see if we can use these strategies in the hall at lunchtime.  We have already asked for suggestions from our classmates and later this week we have a meeting with Mr Shaw, our lunch time assistants and the cook to ask for their ideas too. this space!

A Junior Governors' meeting with Mr Shaw and the lunchtime team

A Junior Governors' meeting with Mr Shaw and the lunchtime team 1
A Junior Governors' meeting with Mr Shaw and the lunchtime team 2
A Junior Governors' meeting with Mr Shaw and the lunchtime team 3

Our 2016-2017 Junior Governors

Congratulations to the Junior Governors that have been democratically elected by their classmates to represent them on the school council.  Regular meetings will be held and we will keep you updated on our future projects!