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Kingfishers (Yr 3 & 4)

Welcome to Kingfishers!

The Teacher is Miss Hackett.

The LSA is Miss Hart.




Smannell and Enham C of E Primary School Lorry

Let's go looking for bugs!

Ukulele Concert

Festival Week

It's a festival kind of week in Kingfisher's Class.
We are looking closely at festival in the Caribbean Islands.

End of Festival Week Show

Tropical Smoothie Making

Limbo Dancing

Zantangle Landscapes

Indian Dancing Workshop

Kingfisher's Class Worship was all about 'Respect' and how respect is apart of our school value, Courage. We showed how Moses and the Israelites had to show courage while respecting God's wishes. Thank you for coming to our worship, it was great to see so many faces supporting us!

For our last trip of the year we ventured to The Living Rainforest. We have been looking closely at rainforests from all over the world during our topic sessions. We were about to use our knowledge from the classroom to answer questions at The Living Rainforest.

The Living Rainforest

Kingfishers had a glorious day at Rooksbury Mill pond dipping, we found 32 different animals from the lake! While we took turns to collect the creatures, the rest of us observed and identified them. It was so exciting, there were; water scorpions, dragonfly nymphs, water stick insects, caddis that build their homes around them out of sticks and a baby pike! That was just a few of the animals we caught. We also caught a baby American crayfish, which Boyce told us shouldn’t be in the water system - so it was a good job that we found it because now Boyce, Jenny and Charlotte can do something about it now. We all had such an amazing day, we are really looking forward to learning all about living things and their habitats.

Kingfishers have been learning about Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and to further their understanding we all went to Butser Ancient Farm. It was an amazing trip, we started off by sitting inside an Anglo-Saxon house! Karen shared with us lots of very interesting facts about the way life was during the period. 

A little while later, Karen showed us how to spin wool - this is much harder than it looks! However, Miss Hart discovered a hidden talent!. After that, we had a go at using wattling to build a fence, Karen said that Kingfishers were the best at doing this. Then it was lunchtime and we were able to eat inside the Saxon house with the fire going and sitting on furs. 

The next activity was chalk carving, we used flint to carve good luck symbols into it. Finally, we went on an archeological dig, we found bones, pottery, pot holders and other artefacts. 

The day was so much fun, we learnt a lot and experienced life as it would have been during the Anglo-Saxons and Viking times.

Butser Ancient Farm

Time to be a rock detective! During our science lessons we have been closely looking at rocks.

Our challenge for home learning was to re-create a viking long boat or a volcano. We watched some of the volcano's erupt!

Home Learning Projects

Let's get ready to learn! In our class we believe that to learn we need to make sure our minds are calm and prepared.

Mindfulness and Meditation

During our music lessons this term we have learnt all about Samba Drumming.

Listen2Me - Samba Drumming

Our Christmas performance for parents this year was a journey back through the ages. The children sang popular and traditional songs, performed with ukuleles and we enjoyed keyboard and a violin solo. Well done to everyone involved.

Our Christmas Performance

Our Christmas Performance 1

To start our 'What a load of old rubbish!' week, Ms Davis brought in mysterious items that she found on the beach. We thought about what they might be. As a class we decided that they must be items made from iron.


We listened to a small extract of 'The Iron Man' book. We listened carefully to the description of the Iron Man, this helped us with creating our own drawings.

'What a load of old rubbish!'

Our home learning project was to create a model out of recycled material.

Thank you for taking part, they are beautiful.