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Register of Pecuniary Interests


Name of Business


• governor elsewhere 

• related / married to member of staff

• employed at school

Nature of Business Nature of Interest

Date of Appointment

or Acquisition

Date of 

Cessation of Interest

Date of Entry
Amanda Cox Nil         05/10/2016
Peter Calcraft Nil         05/10/2016
James Cumpsty Nil         05/10/2016
Meg Dickens Nil       07/10/2016 05/10/2015
Rev Val Gagen Nil         05/10/2015
Elizabeth Hall MBE Governor at Discovery Federation     Sept 2014   05/10/2015
Gordon Maidment Nil         05/10/2015
Cllr Timothy Rolt Nil         05/10/2016
Paul Sexton Nil         05/10/2016
Peter Shaw Head Teacher     12/05/2015   05/10/2016
Carla Ward Employed by school     Sept 2014   05/10/2016
Jackie Kelly Employed by Hampshire Governor Services         05/10/2016

 Updated October 2016