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Robins (Reception)

Welcome to Robins! 

Robins is the reception class at Smannell and Enham C of E Primary School. The objective of our Early Years Team is to create an exciting and effective environment for children and we believe a child-led approach, combined with some focussed, adult-led teaching is the best means to achieve this. Through creating positive relationships, we support and stimulate the children to help them embed and make their learning more meaningful. In our experience, children who have started their learning journey in this way are more independent, resilient, motivated and effective learners.

The teacher in Robins is Mrs Taylor
The HLTA is Mrs Butler


Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday.  We kindly ask that long hair is tied back and earrings are removed on these days.


Every Friday morning we take our learning outdoors.  We ask that children come to school in their woodland clothes and bring their uniform to change into later.


Please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear in school for these days.

For updates on our woodland walk and to see some of the fun things we do in the woods, take a look at the woodland walk page on the website...or follow the link below!

Sports Day 2018

Sports Day 2018 1
We had a wonderful Sports day this week. In the morning we got to try lots of exciting sports, from frisbee to golf and shot put! In the afternoon there were lots of parents and family cheering us on as we worked our way through the hurdles, sack race, egg and spoon, skipping race and many, many more! Thank you to Mr Grey and Planet Education who led the day and thank you to the many family and friends that attended and celebrated our sporting afternoon with us.

Festivals - Legacy Week

Festivals - Legacy Week 1
Festivals - Legacy Week 2
a BIG thank you to the parents and family that came and supported our class fete today. It was a wonderful end to our Festivals Legacy Week. The children have been incredibly motivated and enthusiastic and planned and prepared the fete from start to finish. It was wonderful to share their hard work with you all.


Butterflies! 1
We have loved watching our tiny caterpillars eat, grow, change and emerge as beautiful painted lady butterflies. As they flew away and we shared a special, spiritual moment together, we thought about the next part of their exciting journies.

Our final half term's learning will be focussed around animals.  The children 'voted with their feet' and animals was the overwhelming winner!  We will be launching with a visit to 4 Kingdoms farm park before welcoming a vet and zoo keeper into the classroom to teach us about their role in caring for different animals.

Our focus tale this half term will be The Three Billy Goat's Gruff. 


If you think you can help us with our topic, such as sharing stories about your favourite animals or supplying resources for our veterinary role play area please do let Mrs Taylor or Mrs Butler know.

Our star writer this week is...

Picture 1
This week's star writer has been trying really hard to remember to use their finger spaces between words when they are writing independently. Great work Star Writer!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk 1
This week we went on our first school outing in a minibus to Kenyon's fruit and veg shop. We were greeted by Nikki, the owner, who led us around her shop and even showed us into their enormous fridge where they keep the fruit and vegetables fresh.  We learned about Mr Kenyon visiting the fruit and veg market every morning to restock the produce. We had some money to buy our own fruit snack and Nikki kindly gave us some punnets of strawberries and fresh carrots too!

What a wonderful world - legacy week

Our previous theme was 'Everyday Heroes'. We enjoyed celebrating the people that help keep us safe, from the police and paramedics, to fire fighters and our school's very own Junior Road Safety Officers! We also learned about other jobs that people do to help us, including people who work in shops, people that keep our streets and school clean and people that help keep us fit and healthy. 

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes 1 A visit from the fire brigade
Everyday Heroes 2 Our Pilates instructor - Mrs Redman
Everyday Heroes 3 Having a go at Pilates!
Everyday Heroes 4 Having a go at Pilates!
Everyday Heroes 5 A visit from Mrs Pidgeley - a carer
Everyday Heroes 6 A visit from Mr Cross - a prison guard
Everyday Heroes 7 A visit from Mr Cross - a prison guard
Everyday Heroes 8 Tips on healthy eating from Norma from HC3S
Everyday Heroes 9 A visit from Mr Webb - a hairdresser

A visit from the Police!

A visit from the Police! 1

Cops and Robbers

This morning we came into school to discover a crime scene! Someone had been in and pinched our new gems from the police station role play area! We set about trying to work out who it might have been...we measured foot prints, made wanted posters and set up traps outdoors.  Eventually we were challenged to solve a maths problem to earn the gems back!

Chinese New Year - parent share afternoon

Chinese New Year - parent share afternoon 1
A BIG thank you to all the parents that were able to join us for our latest share afternoon, based on our celebration of Chinese New Year. The highlight of the afternoon was performing our Chinese dance to the parents, a dance we have been practicing in PE this half term.

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?

 We have been enjoying the traditional tale 'The three little pigs'. We have had great fun role-playing the story, creating speech and thought bubbles for the characters, using positional language to go on a piggy treasure hunt and getting creative  by designing new homes to keep the three pigs safe from the big, bad wolf!

Our topic grid - Everyday Heroes

To love, to learn, to leave a legacy

It's Christmas!

When Santa sent a message...

Still image for this video
There was much excitement in Robins' class this week when we received a special letter from Santa, delivered by some of his best dancing reindeer. The children were very keen to write their letters to Santa, letting him know what they would like for Christmas. We posted our letters on our woodland walk later in the week.
Our latest focus story has been; The Gingerbread Man. We have enjoyed acting out the story, creating our own colourful and decorative gingerbread men and baking some scrummy gingerbread too! We have written speech bubbles for the different characters and this week made waterproof boats to float some gingerbread across a water tray...a much safer mode of transport compared to the fox!
Picture 1
Picture 1

Our alien visitor

Still image for this video

Last night an alien came down in it's space ship and had a dance in our classroom! We were very excited! We watched the video and danced along, we made a den outside to hide from the alien, we made him a map and lots of posters too!

At lunch we left him a bowl of food and he ate some of it.  He left us a note to say 'thank you' and then he was gone!  What an exciting day.

Our 'space' themed learning in class

Our 'space' themed learning in class 1
Our 'space' themed learning in class 2

Harvest Pizzas

Harvest Pizzas 1
In RE we have been thinking about thankfulness and God as the creator.  We learned about Harvest Festival being a time to thank God for the food we eat and the farmers that grow the food.  We made harvest pizzas using some of our favourite pizza toppings.
Picture 1

Wild Woodland Walk

This week was our first walk to the Beech woods!  We took our Year 6 buddies with us so that they could pass on their knowledge following their training at the end of the last academic year. 


Take a look at the Woodland walk page (accessed at the bottom of this page) to see more photos!

A taste of our woodland 'discovery time'

Still image for this video

Woodland walk training

Woodland walk training 1
Woodland walk training 2
Woodland walk training 3
Woodland walk training 4
Woodland walk training 5
Woodland walk training 6
Woodland walk training 7
Woodland walk training 8
Woodland walk training 9