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Robins (Reception)

Welcome to Robins! 

The teacher in Robins is Mrs Taylor
The HLTA is Mrs Butler


Our PE day is Tuesday and we visit the woods every Friday morning. 

Please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing in school for these days.

Robins is the reception and Year 1 class at Smannell and Enham C of E Primary School. The objective of our Early Years Team is to create an exciting and effective environment for children and we believe a child-led approach, combined with some focussed, adult-led teaching is the best means to achieve this. Through creating positive relationships, we support and stimulate the children to help them embed and make their learning more meaningful. In our experience, children who have started their learning journey in this way are more independent, resilient, motivated and effective learners.

This week's star writer...

This week's star writer... 1

Our star writer this week has been using writing in her adult led and independent learning.  She has been challenging herself to be 'Puffin ready' by extending her sentences too!

Picture 1

Let's set sail for Treasure Island!

Ahoy there! The crew of Robins class have set sail for a swashbuckling adventure to Treasure Island.  Over the coming weeks we will dive in to life as a pirate!  Making ship's biscuits, drinking grog, making tye-dye pirate flags, telling our own stories and lots, lots more!  Remember to come to school dressed as a pirate on Friday 30th June.  There will be no woodland walk on that day, instead our pirate adventure will lead us to a ship on the school's field!

Treasure Island

Treasure Island 1 Hunting for treasure!
Treasure Island 2 Shhhh! Mrs Ingram won't see us!
Treasure Island 3 We found a map!
Treasure Island 4 A hidden message...
Treasure Island 5 Small world play
Treasure Island 6 Captain of the ship!
Treasure Island 7 Map making
Treasure Island 8 Digging for treasure
Treasure Island 9 Where's the treasure?
Treasure Island 10 Buried treasure!
Treasure Island 11 Making tye-dye
Treasure Island 12 Stirring the dye
Treasure Island 13 Found the treasure!
Treasure Island 14 Designing our pirate flags
Treasure Island 15 Drip dry tye-dye!
Treasure Island 16 Split pin pirates
Treasure Island 17 Look at our tye-dye!
Treasure Island 18 Split-pin pirates
Treasure Island 19 Stealthy pirates
Treasure Island 20 We found Captain Butler's treasure!
Treasure Island 21 Forward 10 steps...
Treasure Island 22 1, 2, 3, 4...lots of treasure!
Treasure Island 23 101, 102, 103, 104, 105!
Treasure Island 24 Pirate story telling session

A boat for The piarte Gingerbead Man

Sports Day

Sports Day 1
Sports Day 2

Our parent share afternoon

We had a wonderful afternoon sharing our latest learning with our families.  Earlier that day we had made biscuits which we decorated and ate in the afternoon.  There was a tricky letter hunt outdoors to decode a message from the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk and we made collage leaves to create our own giant beanstalk in the classroom, to name just a few of the activities on offer!  Thank you to all of you that were able to attend and make our first share afternoon a success.

Laverstoke Farm

Laverstoke Farm 1
Laverstoke Farm 2