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Sports Premium

The Government has provided schools with specific funding to develop school sports. In the financial year 2015/16 the school received £8540. Since this grant was first awarded in 2013, Smannell and Enham School has been spent it employing a specialist PE teacher to ensure that every child has access to high quality sports provision.  As a result, the range of sporting activities provided has increased to include some of the following:


  • gymnastics
  • TAG rugby
  • basketball
  • rounders
  • athletics
  • tri-golf
  • multi-skills
  • tennis


The specialist PE teacher  provided the teaching staff with CPD (Continual Professional Development) in a range of sports to ensure that progression of skills is in place. The school recognised the importance of employing the specialist PE teacher and contributed towards this as the sports premium grant was not sufficient.


After school clubs were extended to include:


  • TAG rugby
  • gymnastics
  • basketball
  • rounders


This has enabled a wider range of children to experience and improve skills in a variety of sports. The school has had a notable amount of success in TAG Rugby following the introduction of this club. Our Year 5/6 team were runners up in the Andover tournament, this resulted in them being invited to the Overton tournament which they won. As a result of this they were invited to participate in the Hampshire Schools Games at Aldershot. We think this is quite an achievement for a school of our size and is due to the introduction of TAG Rugby in the curriculum and as a club. Of this team 60% attended the Tag Rugby club.



Children are noticeably more enthusiastic about participating in sport and has boosted their self-confidence.  Several children have taken up new sporting opportunities outside of school, including rugby, martial arts and football.


In 2016/17 the school expects to receive £8540. A change in staffing has brought about a new set of priorities.


Our Year 6 children have undertaken an accredited training scheme called the 'Playmakers Award'. This training has resulted in them taking on the role of sports leaders. In this role they have planned and lead the introduction of  a wider range of activities at playtimes to engage more children in sporty activities.

Year 6 presented with their Playmaker certificates after completion of their training





















Year 6 children presented with their Playmaker certificates on completion of their training



Staff CPD - Teaching staff have undertaken tailored CPD in school with a sports provider to enable them to develop their PE teaching in specific areas of the curriculum. The PECS programme is delivered in school, in designated PE lessons, using a mentor approach with the sports coach modelling teaching of aspects of the PE curriculum.


We have also joined the local TAG Rugby league to continue to build on recent success.



Year 6 Sports Leaders in Action

Sports Day 2017

Sports Premium was used to partially fund our summer sports day. We set out to give children experience of a wider range of sports. Specialist coaches taught our children skills in javelin, archery, tri-golf as well as ultimate frisbee.

In 2017/18 Our Year 6 children are undertaking their Playmaker training so that they are able to introduce sporty lunchtime activities for all children.


We are continuing to train our teaching staff using the PECS programme and we have impact statements in school for these


We have also paid to join the local rural schools sport cluster to enable our children to participate in a wider range of sports.


We participated in the Hampshire Small Schools Football tournament in September and used sports premium to enable us to travel to the event.


We will continue to participate in the local schools Tag Rugby league