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Swallows (Yr 5 & 6)

Welcome to Swallows!

The teacher in Swallows is Mrs Dee

The LSAs are Mrs Ingram and Mrs Andrews

We have been designing and making volcanoes as part of our topic. 

What happens when more current is added to a circuit?

What happens when more lamps are added to a circuit?

This week the Year 6 accompanied their Year R buddy up to Ridges Copse for their first woodland walk. Up at the woods we worked collaboratively and responsibly to construct a stick circle, around which we sang songs and talked.  We used coloured wool to make thankfulness sticks, each colour representing something else for which we are thankful.  It was wonderful for the accompanying adults to watch the Year 6 support and nurture their buddies through the morning and it was a great celebration of a fabulous first half term together.

Friction: Testing which trainers would be best for Lewis Hamilton when he drives his racing car.

We have been investigating what would happen if we added holes to a parachute. We had to think about what to keep the same and what to change to make our test fair. Can you guess what we found out? 

How does adding holes to a parachute affect the time it takes to fall?

How does adding holes to a parachute affect the time it takes to fall? 1

Swallows at PGL Little Canada

Day 1

A day of packing, travelling and finding out all about Little Canada. Beds made after the excitement of the ferry, ready to go and play ambush in the setting sun.

Day 2

Our first full day at Little Canada has been full of interesting activities. Gusting winds have meant we haven't been able to canoe today so we've been braving the zip wires, trapezes as well as trying our hand at fencing. The pictures below should give you a flavour of what we've been trying. We think that we've shown all of our CIRCUS skills today.

Day 3

Day 4

Curriculum Overview 2018-2019

Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

Pond Dipping at Rooksbury

Pond Dipping at Rooksbury  1

Topic Letter Summer Term 2018

Our fascinating trip to Oxford Castle. We learnt so much about crimes and and the different punishments.

Investigating shadows.

Investigating shadows.  1

Proving light travels in straight lines

Activities in What a Wonderful World Legacy Week

An explanation about Hadrian’s Wall

An explanation about Hadrian’s Wall  1

Topic Overview- The Romans

Read some of our newspaper reports

Our Cosmic Newspaper Reports

Our Cosmic Newspaper Reports 1 We imagined we were journalists.

Our Christmas Performance

Our Christmas Performance  1
Our Christmas performance for parents this year was a journey back through the ages. The children sang popular and traditional songs, performed with ukuleles and we enjoyed keyboard and a violin solo. Well done to everyone involved.

SATs Information Session

During an afternoon, we made baskets out of recycled newspaper.

'What a load of old rubbish!'

Over half term we were given the task to create a model out of recycled materials.

Thank you for taking part, the models look wonderful.

Our World War 2 Home Learning Project

Our year 6 children were able to take their reception year buddies on the first woodland walk of the year.

Here are some useful website links that might help with learning at home.

WW2 Topic Map and Home Learning Information