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The Great Smannell Bake Off

Our Great Smannell Bake Off consists of a small group of children (normally 8) who enjoy learning the basics of cookery under the watchful supervision of Mrs Ingram, Mrs Hart and Miss Hart.


The Club is held on Wednesdays after school between 3.15 and 4.15 pm.


Due to very high numbers of children wishing to take part in this club we normally take a note of all those who are interested at the beginning of September then divide them into groups of 8.  These groups will then have approximately 6 fun lessons, taking home their tasty morsals to their eager families at the end of each lesson!


Popular items to make have been cheese straws, scones, pizza and rock cakes. 


There is no cost to this club - all we ask is that the children bring in their own ingredients (recipes are published on this page at least the week before) and a container to take their creations home in (if they make it that far......)

Recipes & Ingredients