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Kaysn's poem....
As the moon shines bright,
On a cold every night,
Jackson stands still,
And his body starts to chill,

He wonders where to go,
As he scrambles through the snow,
Trying to find his way,
The darkness turns to day.

The orb is what he aims to seek,
But the chances of success seem bleak,
The trail goes on for what seems forever,
All made worse by the monstrous weather.

Finally the orb is in sight,
Adrenaline pumps, it’s fight or flight,
He’s got it ! He’s found it! His search is over,
Excitement peaks as he gets closer and closer.

(Written and then typed by Kaysn.)

Keira's Prayer


‘ Dear Lord,


We thank you for the world

you have given us.

Thank you for helping us get through this tough time and

bringing us back together.

Thank you for being the light to

guide us.

We are grateful for the positivity, love and kindness

that is being shared around.

We shall respect you