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What the Romans did for us!

Our History this term is about The Romans and their impact on our life. You will need to make a booklet, similar to the one you made for our 'Crime and Punishment' topic. The front cover needs to be eye-catching and interesting. I will set a task for you to complete each week. Have fun and please bring your booklets into school when we return so we can share your ideas. Please be creative. You can use a laptop but please do not copy and paste chunks of writing from the internet. Write ideas in your own words. 


Week 1

To explore the legend of how Rome was founded and investigate how it grew into the Roman empire.

Use the links for your research.


You need to create the first page of your booklet. You need to explain how Rome came about. You then need to find out which countries were conquered by the Romans and include this on your page too.