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Kingfishers (Yr 3 & 4)

Cześć Kingfishers!


Hi Kingfishers, 

I'm so sorry if you feel a little abandoned! Home learning is back - please access as you usually do, if anyone has any ideas for end of year activities then your more than welcome to put in a request! 


Last week, it was lovely seeing some of the Y3 and Y4 children pop in to see us. I am really impressed all of the learning they were doing at home - well done to all of you. If you missed out then there is going to be another date before the end of term to drop by again.


Kind Regards

Miss H x 

Hello Kingfishers!

Monday 22nd June 2020


Hello Kingfishers, I trust you are all safe and well. I hope you are all getting used to the new and improved way of home learning! It's important to complete the weekly learning because this is also what we are learning at school. Work at your own pace there is no rush, we haven't finished all of last week's learning yet so please don't stress if you haven't completed all tasks in the week. A special treat this week - Geography lesson 2 is taught by the legend that is... David Attenborough!


Here is this week's learning: 

Vocabulary - daily

Reading - A Walk on the Wild Side (all resources are included on the link, the text isn't needed)

Writing - Something Fishy (stimulus film)

Maths - White Rose videos and worksheets (email to request the worksheets). 

Sumdog - Maths Assessment (must complete). Times tables practice.

Geography - Water Cycle and World Map (access resources Star icon)

  • Water cycle powerpoint and task
  • World Map - lesson delivered by David Attenborough

Science - Food Chains

Computing - Online Safety at Home (this is a highly recommended unit to complete requested by Mr. Shaw)

Art - Henri Rousseau study and task


Useful Information for Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians: I have included a document produced by Hampshire to help children improve fluency in reading, this can be found in the link. The website below could also be useful to help keep your child reading during this period.


Any problems please email me...

Miss you all so much,

Miss H x




Howdee Kingfishers!


First of all, I would like to apologise for neglecting you all! It's been very busy and there have been a lot of new changes and routines to get used to. 


So, now that some children are back I have made some slight changes to how you access your learning. Use the star link below to access a document which has all your learning broken down with all links provided. 


This week you have:


Reading - Leon and the Place Between by Grahame Baker-Smith

Writing - Ask the Nincompoops

Maths - Fractions/Decimals

Science - Plants

Geography - Biomes


If you have any problems please email. 

Lots of virtual hugs

Miss H x  

Welcome Back to the Final Half Term of the Year!


Hello everyone, firstly I would like to welcome you all back to 'new normal' school learning. As you know, the teachers and some children are now back in school and so far the week has gone well. There are a lot of changes to get used to and teachers are planning learning for children in school as well. Personally, I am teaching the key-worker children who are from different year groups so planning learning for them and all of you lovely year 3 and 4 is quite a tricky task. Therefore, I am kindly asking for your patience, as Mr. Shaw stated in his letter, there won't be the volume of learning or as often at the moment. Thank you all for your hard work over the lock-down period and your support. xx


This week: (activities set until next Friday 12th June)


  • Sumdog - 'Time' this is a new topic so children will revisit the previous years objectives before moving on
  • Sumdog - 'Grammar', revision of parts of speech and prepositions
  • Jigsaws - we are completing 1000 piece jigsaws as our challenge in school perhaps you could as Mum if you could get one and have a go
  • Fashion Through the Decades - we are doing this project in school which I set at the beginning of lockdown


Keep sending in pictures of what you've been doing, I wish year 3 and 4 were back miss you all so much!


Miss H xx

Mabuhay Kingfishers!


Wow! This half term has flown by! So, for the last week of the Summer half term here is your learning:



              Wothcha Kingfishers! - Week 3


Monday 11th May 2020


I hope you all enjoyed the V.E celebrations and you've all had a great weekend. So, for this week's learning, please go to 'School at Home - Week 3' page. This week, I have included Music, Spanish and Geography tasks. Apologies for the Spanish power-point being in so many parts, I had to do this because the file was too big, it was the only way to upload the file. There are printable and non-printable tasks for you to complete. 


As from this week, the closing dates for the Sumdog tasks will be on the Sunday and not the Friday due to some requests. On Sumdog this week, I have set maths and grammar work this week, there is also a grammar competition. 


Maths learning support resources (available online free to print)

  • number lines 
  • 100/1000 squares 
  • place value cards


Any problems please email me.

Lots of love Miss H xx


 75th V.E Day Celebrations!

Friday 8th May 2020

Happy 75th V.E. Day! I hope you are ready for your parties! Enjoy your weekend, look forward to seeing all your photos! Don't forget to think about all the people that fought so that we could have our freedom today. Captain Tom and all others - we salute you!


Wednesday 6th May 2020


Assalamu Alaikum Kingfishers, hope you are getting on well preparing for your VE Day celebrations. I've had one photo of some lovely VE bunting hanging in the front window. Please take time to find out about V.E day, information can be found above, click on the icon and this will take you to all the activities. 


Take care and have fun,

Miss H xx


Good Morning Kingfishers, 


This week, the nation is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the 'Victory in Europe Day'. All councils are inviting people to have a picnic in their front gardens or on the pavement outside the front to celebrate V.E day. Check with Hampshire council what time the socially distancing street parties start and finish in your area. This is the link to find out more about what's happening in Hampshire.

So, this week's learning is going to be linked to this symbolic day in British History. Please click the VE Day icon to access the learning tasks, I have included creative activities as well to decorate your homes. 

I have set maths work on Sumdog, this week I would like you to complete the tasks about shape for revision. These can be found in the usual maths sub-page. 

Stay safe and have a great week.

Miss H xx


Hi-De-Hi Kingfishers! - Week 2 - School at Home


Thursday 30th April 2020


Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom smiley

I am in awe of this man and all he's done for this country over the years - can you earn a Spirituality badge by sharing all the kind and thoughtful things you have been doing since lockdown! 


So many of you are now enjoying Sumdog, the feedback has been really positive about it.


  • Please make sure that you have another go at any corrections before continuing
  • At the end of every school day (3.00 pm), I will open the House so that you can start using the coins you have been saving up, you can design your own avatar and design a house


To be honest, as I've mentioned before, I am not familiar with Sumdog so I'm learning at the same time! Please let me know what you think about the House aspect of the website. 


Tuesday 28th April 2020 - All tasks are set until Friday 1st May 2020 at 5.00 pm

Good morning campers! A rainy day, so I thought I'd add some maths and science to this week's home learning. Please click on the icons below to access the learning. A few pointers:


Maths - times tables task AND a new times and division facts competition!!! Also, I have set an assessment that I would like you to complete before next week please.


Science - I have put 3 different experiments to do at home linked to 'Heating and Cooling'. If you would like to give them a try please make sure you have a trusted adult with you. These experiments will develop your understanding of melting and freezing (the same as heating and cooling). If you are feeling creative, you may like to design and conduct your own! Another idea, if you are feeling dramatic why not film yourself as a e.g. Nutty Professor science presenter and show your audience how to carry out these experiments!!! Like Bill Nye the Science Guy! Or Brian Cox!

Enjoy Kingfishers, watch this space tomorrow,

Miss H x


Monday 27th April 2020

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend in the sun! We have been so lucky with the weather, I've been making a herb garden out of a wooden pallet (photos to follow).


Below is this week's learning, as you will notice I've made the learning easier to access. Click on the icons and they should take you to your learning pages. Just a couple of guides:


Science - please play the game beneath the videos to check your understanding


Maths - keep up the times tables challenge, lots of you are earning yourself coins! Please complete the tasks I set you before practising any others


Art - you can use the template if you wish or make your own


English - when writing the menu, if you would like to use the template provided you can or you can make your own. Here is the success criteria:

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Use expanded noun phrases and wow words to describe the foods
  • Punctuate sentences accurately


Use this word bank to help you if you need it:


Sub-headings to choose from:   Main               Starter           Dessert


Adjectives to choose from: creamy, sticky, hard, soft, crunchy, hot, cold, gooey, thick, fresh


Enjoy, any problems please contact me, you should all have my email address now

Missing you all lots

Miss H xx




Welcome back to the Summer Term!

Friday 24th April 2020

Bore da Kingfishers, the end of another week of home learning. I can see that many of you are using Sumdog which is great, I do have a request though! Please can you complete the learning that I set for you and anything extra you do is even better. Thank you!

During usual times, I would set spellings fortnightly linked to the spelling patterns we are learning in class and sometimes topic words. However, I think the way forward would be to provide you with the Y3/4 statutory spelling list. My advice would be to choose 5 words a week, find out the meanings and write them into sentences ask an adult at home to  quiz you at the end of the week. If you would like to use Tik-Tac-Toe strategies that would be good, I have attached the sheet. 

Enjoy you weekend, thank you to all of you that have shared your learning with me. You've been up to all sorts of exciting things, keep an eye on the gallery because I will be adding the photos you send in.

Missing you all trilzillions,

Miss Hackett


Thursday 23rd April 2020

Bonjour Kingfishers, I hope you are all well. I have been receiving some great feedback about Sumdog and it's been lovely seeing the photos of you enjoying home learning.


Sumdog Grammar Task

Today, I have set grammar learning on Sumdog, it is titled 'Homophones.' If you are having problems accessing the set work then please contact the school office. 


I have set a times tables challenge, you have a week to complete it! 2x, 5x and 10x initially! Good luck!


Mayan History Project - Lesson 2

This time I have included the lesson plan for those parents that would like to give it a go. There should be:

  • Plan 2
  • Slide 2
  • Work 2 

To find the resources go to Mayan Resources. Choose 2 or 3 of the tasks to complete, obviously if you want to do them all that's absolutely fine!


Whilst looking at different learning resources, I came across the 'Paddington Postcards' project at Unicef.


It does have a monthly subscription of £8.00 however every month a pack is sent to the children from Paddington. The pack includes some great geography resources, it does look like a fantastic way to learn about different countries and cultures. This could also be an opportunity to teach children about charities, donations and worthy causes. This is only a suggestion, I am not expecting you to do this!


Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Here is a link to some great maths games, give it a go and let me know what you think.


Tuesday 21st April 2020

Mabuhay Kingfishers, I am purposely not telling you which languages I am greeting you with because I'd like you to find out yourselves! You will know some of them anyway from class, practice them and impress your family with your linguistic knowledge! 


So, just a couple of updates today; if you like David Walliam's books, he is reading some of his stories online here is the link:


Also, BBC Bitesize Daily is excellent for all subjects,taught by famous faces e.g. Liam Payne, Otis form Strictly! David Attenborough (my favourite person in the WHOLE WORLD!) is teaching Geography. Follow this link:

Select your child's year group and choose from the extensive choice of tasks. This is what I would like you to complete:

Y3 - 21/04/2020 - English Pronouns - please complete this task.

Y4 - 20/04/2020 - English - Identifying when to use pronouns

Please feedback and let me know what you think.


Have a lovely day, I will be adding photos to the gallery soon of the Covid-19 projects I have been busy doing. Miss you all squiddilllions, keep those pictures coming it's lovely to see all your lovely faces smiley



Monday 20th April 2020

Guten Tag Kingfishers, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the Easter break and the beautiful weather. School have set up a Sumdog account, use your log in details to access the learning I will be setting for you, I would also like you to respond using Sumdog. It will be fun, not the same as being in the classroom but the next best thing! I will be able to see who is enjoying the learning tasks, I'll be sure to make them fun, fun, fun!    


Please bear in mind that I am new to Sumdog as well so I am learning how to use it with you. Learning to follow tomorrow morning.  


NB: Mrs Thrush will be sending log in details to Parentmail for Sumdog so that you can respond to the activities. If you haven't received these by the end of the day please could you contact the school office.

Week 1 Learning:


Maths - Times Tables Challenge and a Fractions challenge - SEE SUMDOG


English - Mayans -

Creation Story - read the story and find the meanings of these words:

  • Quiche/K'iche' - two different spellings
  • creation
  • vast
  • roam
  • commanded 
  • chirped
  • mewed
  • hardier
  • sturdy

Complete the comprehension questions (attached below) - if you don't have a printer, the story can be read on screen and the answers written on paper or a book. The correct answers are also included, remember to complete first then check answers.  

Retell the Creation Story - Cartoon Strip

  • Identify between 6-8 key parts of the story 
  • Fold a piece of paper into 6-8 parts - use the boxes to retell the story
  • Use drawings and speech bubbles to retell the story


Topic - Mayans (attached below)

  • Work through the powerpoint
  • Choose tasks to complete - the challenge looks good fun!



Bonjour Kingfishers!


The sun is shining and the birds are singing... what a beautiful day! Perfect day to make a start on the 'Bug Project' smiley For all those of you that don't fancy the 'Bug Project', I have another project idea ... it's... Fashion Week! Yep, that's it folks, learn about men and ladies fashion through the 60's, 70's and 80's! Fashion styles, haircuts and shoes - I'm sure some of them will make you giggle! I was a teenager during the 80's so you can all have a good laugh at my expense!!! Here are the ideas:


Have fun! I am not expecting you to complete everything I put on this page, pick out the bits you like. If you are inspired by any of the subjects and want to do your own projects please feel free to go in the learning direction you would like to go in. I am more than happy to give you ideas, resources etc for any suggested project themes. Can't wait to see all the pics!

Miss H xx


Jambo Kingfishers!

Hope you have all had a good weekend! I have a few more ideas for your learning... we are living through a very important time in history and recording your days, activities, thoughts and feelings could be a great resource for you to share with your own children one day:


  • Make a scrap book or diary of what you do each day
  • Make a time capsule and bury it in the garden or hide it indoors


Have any of you started the 'Bug Project' yet? Don't forget, you can email me any photos you have of you doing your home learning. I have received one already of a bug hotel built by one of our very own year 4 boys! Thank you, it's so lovely to see your little faces.


Missing you all, lots of cuddles, 

Miss Hackett



Hello Kingfishers!

Just a few more ideas:

  • Build an obstacle course - this can be indoors/outdoors
  • Make different coloured playdough - add a little glitter for effect
  • A Bug Project - look for bug habitats in the garden or on your daily walk together, then link to:

- Science - habitats and minibeasts, flower spotting, plant some seeds or take cuttings and observe them grow, create a nature table, edible bugs and plants

- Art - draw the bugs, make art/sculptures out of nature, leaf/bark rubbings, natural collages

- Design and Technology - build bug hotels, den building

- ICT - research bugs and their habitats

- Watch 'Bug Life'

- English - observe the habitats over time and keep a scrapbook diary, make up some 'Revolting        Rhymes' (Roald Dahl) of your own, make up bug characters for a cartoon

- Maths - collect data e.g. how many of each bug in the habitat each day and draw a bar graph to show the results, make nought and crosses with pebbles painted like two different bugs e,g, ladybird and a bee, create bug related times table games

- PE - a bug dance, bug game e.g. jog on the spot, call a bug name like 'ant' they have to move around like an ant etc.

- Geography - research different bugs around the world, link to the Mayans here could be good

- History - A history of herbal medicine, a project on the NHS, Mary Seacole or Florence Nightingale (please find powerpoints in the Home Learning, No Printing block on this page)

- PSHE - a grateful tree (google/pintrest), make a gift for an elderly neighbour out of natural resources (adult permission only), mindfulness outside


Today, I'm uploading learning resources that don't need printing facilities. There are quite a few activities already on this page to keep you all busy however there will be regular updates. Make sure you all exercise everyday, see you soon.


Lots of love 

Miss Hackett 

Good Morning, 


To keep learning going, I have uploaded home learning onto the Kingfisher's class page:

  • Maths learning packs with parent guidance 
  • Comprehension packs
  • Grammar packs
  • Times tables packs
  • Spelling
  • Home Learning packs

The children who were in school today have chosen two library books to take home and they will be given a times tables pack to work through.

Useful website to support writing is



Our Summer term topic is 'The Mayans Civilisation'. The website below gives an introduction to the project, I would like the children to choose an aspect of the civilisation e.g. the Gods, totem poles, family life and produce a scrap book of pictures, information etc. If you can get hold of a copy of 'The Chocolate Tree' a mayan folktale by Linda Lowery,  this will prepare them for the Summer term learning. 


Stay safe and look after yourselves,

Kind Regards

Charlotte Hackett

Science - The Water Cycle - Lesson plans and activities

Salt-tastic Science Experiment

Christingle Preparation

Anglo-Saxon Badges

Anglo-Saxon Bread Making