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Kingfishers (Yr 3 & 4)

Hello Kingfishers!

Just a few more ideas:

  • Build an obstacle course - this can be indoors/outdoors
  • Make different coloured playdough - add a little glitter for effect
  • A Bug Project - look for bug habitats in the garden or on your daily walk together, then link to:

- Science - habitats and minibeasts, flower spotting, plant some seeds or take cuttings and observe them grow, create a nature table, edible bugs and plants

- Art - draw the bugs, make art/sculptures out of nature, leaf/bark rubbings, natural collages

- Design and Technology - build bug hotels, den building

- ICT - research bugs and their habitats

- Watch 'Bug Life'

- English - observe the habitats over time and keep a scrapbook diary, make up some 'Revolting        Rhymes' (Roald Dahl) of your own, make up bug characters for a cartoon

- Maths - collect data e.g. how many of each bug in the habitat each day and draw a bar graph to show the results, make nought and crosses with pebbles painted like two different bugs e,g, ladybird and a bee, create bug related times table games

- PE - a bug dance, bug game e.g. jog on the spot, call a bug name like 'ant' they have to move around like an ant etc.

- Geography - research different bugs around the world, link to the Mayans here could be good

- History - A history of herbal medicine, a project on the NHS, Mary Seacole or Florence Nightingale (please find powerpoints in the Home Learning, No Printing block on this page)

- PSHE - a grateful tree (google/pintrest), make a gift for an elderly neighbour out of natural resources (adult permission only), mindfulness outside


Today, I'm uploading learning resources that don't need printing facilities. There are quite a few activities already on this page to keep you all busy however there will be regular updates. Make sure you all exercise everyday, see you soon.


Lots of love 

Miss Hackett 

Good Morning, 


To keep learning going, I have uploaded home learning onto the Kingfisher's class page:

  • Maths learning packs with parent guidance 
  • Comprehension packs
  • Grammar packs
  • Times tables packs
  • Spelling
  • Home Learning packs

The children who were in school today have chosen two library books to take home and they will be given a times tables pack to work through.

Useful website to support writing is



Our Summer term topic is 'The Mayans Civilisation'. The website below gives an introduction to the project, I would like the children to choose an aspect of the civilisation e.g. the Gods, totem poles, family life and produce a scrap book of pictures, information etc. If you can get hold of a copy of 'The Chocolate Tree' a mayan folktale by Linda Lowery,  this will prepare them for the Summer term learning. 


Stay safe and look after yourselves,

Kind Regards

Charlotte Hackett

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