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100 Day

We celebrated our 100th day in school this year. Have a look at some of the photos in the gallery tab.


We asked everyone to celebrate the number 100 in their own creative way. Among the amazing items we've seen were:


100 individual fingerprints to represent the 100 people spoken to.

Lego models made from 100 bricks.

Cakes with 100 maltesers on.

A recreation of 100 Acre Wood complete with Winnie the Pooh.

100 coins made into the shape 100

We now know what is 100 miles to the north, south, east and west of us.

100 favourite books

As well as a pot of 100 marshmallows.


We now know that a mixture of 100 1p and 2p coins will make a line 2.3m long.