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Parent Questionnaires

The results of our most recent, summer 2018, parent questionnaire can be found in the document further down this page.


Pleasingly just under 90% of parents said that they would recommend our school to another family.

The ethos of the school comes across strongly in the responses, our children enjoy coming to school. It is recognised that our Christian values have a positive impact on the children of Smannell and Enham.


The survey also demonstrates the impact of some of our recent initiatives. This includes the provision of more after school sports clubs at no cost, 70% of replies stated that they strongly agreed that their children had benefitted from this.  The introduction of our Legacy Weeks were recognised by all parents as being a successful part of our broad and balanced curriculum. Parents felt very positive about the way that the school makes learning interesting for the children, 100% ticked the strongly agree or agree box for this area.


Interestingly the issue of how the school deals with bullying/name calling provoked the largest 'Don't know' response. Although this may well be due to parents not having had experience of this matter.


One area that arose from the questionnaire that we will continue to try and smooth out is communication for events, a few parents felt that sometimes they weren't provided with timely information. The standard that we aim for is to provide parents with at least two weeks notice of trips and events, we will be endeavouring to achieve this throughout the coming year.


This year we included a question about the role of the school governors. At the same time that the questionnaire was sent home the governors had begun to plan to introduce events where they could meet parents, the results of the questions about governors indicate that this could be useful.


You will also find responses to the previous parent questionnaire are still available here, this is to enable you to make comparisons.


In 2018 we received responses from approximately a third of the school population which was a slight increase from the previous year. Please note that the total of the responses may not add up to 100% in some cases due to rounding.

At our Easter parent teacher consultation meetings we provided parents with the opportunity to provide us with feedback on our successes and development areas in the form of a wish. We were really pleased that our strong ethos and values have continued to be recognised as a strength. You can find the results of the questionnaire by clicking on the icon below.