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Puffins (Yr 1 & 2)

Welcome to Puffins!


The Class Teacher is Mrs Johnson

The HLTA is Mrs Smith


Our topic for the this term is:

Toys from the past

Puffins' Toy Museum!

Puffins' Toy Museum! 1 Toys from the past!
Puffins' Toy Museum! 2 Toys waiting for the end of the day!
Puffins' Toy Museum! 3 Our text driver

'When the lights went out at the Toy Museum and the doors were locked, all the toys woke up. They bounced down off the shelves, giddy and laughing and squeaking with delight.'


Puffins you have done so well at retelling this story in class. Now can you tell me a story using the characters from our Toy Museum? What adventure would our toys have? 

I can not wait to read your stories!!

Have fun!

Dear Parents and Children,


I hope you are all well and staying safe!!  You are all incredibly precious and I am missing you very much!!


The educational packs that were given out should cover at least 2 weeks worth of work. It is best to do short chunks of time. Time outside is advisable - the weather is beautiful! Here are some activities you could do:

* Count how many different birds you can see. Can you name them? Find out more - you are fact file experts!

* How many stones can you find? Now can you make a picture using them! Remember when we learned all about Andy Goldsworthy and his incredible sculptures. Can you do a sculpture in your back garden? Using stones, twigs ...

* How many skipping jumps have you done today? Whats your highest? Can't wait to find out!

* I'm planning to create a vegetable patch in my garden. Can you help me? Can you plan a veggie patch? What vegetables should I grow?


If you have already completed the packs - wow i will be very impressed!! I have up loaded some Maths activities that can be completed on line, as I am aware that some families do not have access to a printer. See below:


Multiplication 2, 5 and 10. The last one is a quiz!

Year 1 adding to 20 subtracting from 20



Year 2 Number statements


Roll the dice:


Will update again soon ...

Take care

Mrs Johnson