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Children with SEND or additional needs

Checklist for visiting schools Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities

A guide for parents and carers


To enable you to make a decision about your child’s schooling you might want to visit a number of schools to ensure that you are properly informed before you express any preference. Each school will have different arrangements for parents/carers to visit the school and you should contact the school initially.

It will be essential that the visit is arranged in advance and at a time which will be convenient for both you and the school.


You might like to consider the points in the document below to help you get the most from your visit. They are only suggestions and it is important that you add any other questions or points that you think are particularly relevant, or important, for you and your child. It may be a good idea to write down the questions you want answered and take them with you. Also make sure that you have enough time available and that you are given enough time in school to look around and ask questions.