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Curriculum for the Children of Smannell and Enham CE Primary School



At Smannell and Enham our curriculum is built around our school motto, " To love, to live, to leave a legacy."

We believe this neatly encapsulates what we want our children to be able to take on while they are on their learning journey at our school. We follow the objectives of the 2014 National Curriculum but have designed our curriculum to enable our children to flourish while at school as well as beyond.




We believe we have designed our curriculum so that:

  • It is engaging, interesting and relevant to the world our learners live in
  • It truly reflects our Christian values of Love, Courage and Reverence, they are the threads that run right through our curriculum
  • There is a clear learning journey that builds on previous learning
  • Appropriate challenge is offered to all of our learners
  • It encourages our learners to take risks as well as exploring ideas and concepts, including through the use of P4C (Philosophy for Children)
  • Our children understand what it is to be a learner. They develop the appropriate learning behaviours
  • We have a sense of celebration and success. Pride in our learning, proud of our achievements, proud of our school
  • Our CIRCUS skills are incorporated within all aspects of our school life







  • Our learning is purposeful, has clear outcomes and is enjoyable
  • Learning takes place both in school and further afield

To enable this to become reality we have long term plans for each of our four classes which are constantly evolving.




We really believe in the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum. We take every opportunity to ensure that our children have the chance to be engaged in their learning, that is what excites and motivates them.

That is why we introduced and have grown our special 'Legacy Weeks'. These are much looked forward to special weeks that happen three times every year. In these weeks the school will come together with a common learning theme. In the majority of our Legacy Weeks we identify opportunities where the children are able to learn together across their age groups. There are always specific CIRCUS skills and Christian values that we want to explore. Every week will see us producing something - after all we are trying to leave a legacy