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Parent Support Pack

This is a large pack of information.  It is best to pick a section which is useful to you rather than attempt to look at the whole presentation in one go.


Section 1:  Information about Sleep (p4-8),  Exercise (p9) and Diet (p10-11) 


Section 2: Positive Parenting - Predictability (p14-18), Rewards and Consequences (p19-22)


Section 3: Brain Development (p26-30)


Section 4: Play (p32-42), Special Time (p43), Praise (p44-48)


Section 5:  Managing Change (p49-54), Military Families (p55-59)


Section 6:  Communication (p60-65), Feelings (p66-68)


Section 7:  Hints and Tips (p69-93)


Section 8:  Information Directory (p79-93)  A wealth of links to helpful websites and self-help tools.

Parent Support Pack