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If your child is ill and unable to come to school, please call the school office on 01264 323201 by 8.40am.




Hampshire County Council - What do I do if my child is unwell?

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School Nursing Team - Parental Advice



  • Where possible, we expect medicines to be prescribed in dose frequencies which enable them to be taken outside school hours.


  • All medication must be handed in to the school office by a parent/carer, and a consent form signed.


  • We will only accept prescribed medicines if they are:
    • labelled and in date
    • provided in their original container as dispensed by the pharmacist
    • include instructions for administration


  • At our school we will administer non-prescription medicines on written request from the parent if they are in clearly identifiable packaging and only on a short-term basis.


  • We will never administer medicine containing aspirin unless prescribed by a doctor


  • When no longer required, medicines will be returned to parents for safe disposal