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At Smannell and Enham CE (Aided) Primary School we believe that by wearing the school uniform children are encouraged to take a pride in belonging to the School.


  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Red sweatshirt with school logo
  • Grey skirt, trousers or pinafore dress
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo

   During the summer, girls may wear red gingham dresses, suitable for school wear.


   All children should wear black shoes suitable for the active life in school

   No high/wedged heels or trainers

   Sandals of a safe and sensible design may be worn during the summer


   Children must have a suitable coat with them in school during the winter months.

  • Black shorts
  • Red school t-shirt with school logo
  • Dark coloured jogging bottoms and sweatshirt for winter
  • Trainers / plimsolls (velcro fastening recommended for younger children)

   PE kit should be kept in a small named drawstring bag which can be hung from your

   child’s coat peg.  We do not have storage room for larger sports bags.


   For the sake of your child's safety, jewellery should not be worn in school with the

   exception of a watch and small stud earrings (one per ear).

   All watches and earrings are to be removed for swimming or P.E. by the child.  If this

   cannot be done, they should be covered with a plaster or left at home on that day. 

Hair  Long hair must be tied back.


We ask that all clothing is permanently labelled with your child's name.

In addition to names, we operate a number system in which all items of uniform sold from the office is given a unique number, and your child's name recorded centrally. If an item of clothing is found without a name, we can identify the child it belongs to by using the number.


Price List


Red Sweatshirt (+Logo)Sizes 22" - 34" £10.50         
Sizes X-Small / Medium / Large / X-Large£13.00
White Polo Shirt (+Logo)Sizes 22" - 34"£8.50
Red Sweatcardigan (+Logo)Sizes 24" - 32"£12.50
Sizes X-Small / Small / Medium / Large / X-Large£14.00
Red Polo Shirt (+Logo)Sizes 22" - 34"£8.50
P.E. Bag (+Logo)One size£5.00

Red Fleece Jacket (+Logo)

- ordered upon request

Sizes 3-4yrs - 11-12yrs£16.00

Red Lightweight Jacket (+Logo)

- ordered upon request

Sizes 3-4yrs - 13-14yrs£17.50
Red Baseball Cap (+Logo)One size£6.50
Red Knitted Hat (+Logo)One size£6.50
Red Book Bag (+Logo)One size£6.00


If you would like to view the stock available or for your child to try uniform on, please contact the school office. 



Our school uniform can be purchased from the school office where we hold a small stock of each item or, if not in stock, can order for delivery within a couple of weeks.


Please complete the order form below and return to the school office.

Alternatively, if you would like to order on-line, this can be done using the Tucasi on-line payments system:



Please contact the school office.