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Welcome to Smannell and Enham

Church of England (Aided) Primary School


You'd be forgiven for thinking you were on the road to nowhere as you head to our school, which is situated on a quiet country lane just on outskirts of Andover.  However, when you reach us, you'll notice that there's a lot going on and Smannell & Enham Primary School is a very special place.  Our website gives you just a hint of all that we offer.  


We are officially a small school - we have just under 100 pupils and about 16 staff. When I joined the school, my first day was an INSET day and I asked the staff to tell me something they were proud of in their school.  There were lots of answers as you might imagine, but the fact that every one mentioned, in some shape or form, that all the children, adults and families were well known to each other and the most distinctive thing about the school was how everyone was cared for, I was sold!  As headteacher of another rural school locally, I divide my time between the two and I absolutely adore small schools for the community they bring and how rooted they are in their local landscape. 


Our school is on the move and looking forwards.  We may be small but we are planning to be mighty!  Our Christian values of love, courage and reverence sit alongside learning values of collaboration, independence, resilience, curiosity, uniqueness and spirituality.  Together they are what make our school unique. 


We invite you to come and have a look around and get a feel from it yourself.  A website is only one way of finding out about us - we the the best way is for you to come and be part of us.


I look forward to meeting you.

Emma Jefferies

interim headteacher



Our school was founded in 1873. The original listed building, of brick and flint construction, houses our offices, staffroom as well as a  classroom known as the 'Old School Room'.  This area was completely refurbished several years ago giving it a modern appearance. 

All of our children learn in modern purposeful classrooms. Swallows, Kingfishers and Puffins inhabit the newest rooms. Each of these, built within the last decade, has access to outside areas. Robins Class has their own spacious secure outdoor area where there is always amazing learning taking place. We are lucky enough to have a learning support room known as the 'Swan's Nest' which was built as part of the last extension to the school.


Our hall is at the centre of our school. We gather in here for worship as well as PE and to eat, school meals are cooked on site. Our school library is situated in a modern extension to the school.


One area that sometimes surprises visitors is our large school field which is tucked away at the rear of the school. Safe,  secure and surrounded by mature trees we are able to use it for a wide range of sports as well as environmental learning.


More information about the history of the school, our buildings, grounds and facilities, the curriculum we offer and a whole host of other useful things can be found in the school prospectus.


Click here for a tour around our school, as presented by our Junior Governors   -   Welcome Video



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