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PE Intent


At Smannell and Enham CE Primary School, we offer a high-quality physical education curriculum, providing children with opportunities to develop:


  • Collaboration through team work
  • Independence by making decisions and choosing strategies
  • Resilience when participating in competitive sport and challenging fitness levels
  • Creativity through choreography and strategic play
  • Understanding sports, the skills needed and  subject-related vocabulary
  • Spirituality through mindfulness and cool downs, a sense of pride, rewards as well as winning and losing. We also aim to discuss any prejudices or misconceptions surrounding sports.


Our curriculum aims to develop competency in a range of physical activities that supports children to be fit and healthy and build confidence and character. We offer a broad range of sporting experiences, which also encourages physical activities outside of school. Engaging in competitive sports and activities will support children to embed values such as fairness, love, courage and reverence. We also provide a number of sporting clubs where children can try out new sports and school teams can practice for tournaments. Finally, the physical education curriculum will prepare children to lead healthy and active lives.