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Visions and Values

Our school has three Christian values.  These values underpin all elements of school life. They are also attributes that we believe will serve our pupils, and their communities, well in their future lives.



God the Father is love. All of us are created equally in the image of God. As part of God's family we aim to demonstrate selfless acts of love in what we do and say. We aim to live as God asks us. "Love God" and "Love they neighbour". These are the first two commandments.


Jesus, the Son of God, showed the most ultimate courage when he gave up his life for us. We share with each other how we have overcome 'obstacles' in life and learning. We use Philosophy for Children (P4C) to provide opportunities to question assumptions and injustices. Courage enables us to stand up for the greater good.


The Holy Spirit of God guides us. Together we discover our sense of awe and wonder in all that God has created. We experience moments of quiet reflection and spirituality in everyday life. In both church and school we practice acts of reverence towards God and each other.






In school we also have 6 learning dimensions which we value and seek to develop with our children. The initial letters build up the acronym CIRCUS.

These dimensions are ones that will enable children to prosper in their learning as well as in their future.









Well-being at Smannell & Enham CE Primary School

Smannell & Enham CE Primary School is frequently referred to by staff, children and visitors as a caring school that has palpable focus on children's pastoral care.  Putting children's well-being at the centre of all we do ensures that this ethos pervades the whole school and children can feel safe and better able to cope with the pressures and anxieties of everyday life. The PDF poster above demonstrates ways in which we achieve this.  The leaflet below describes our nurture group which is just one layer of what is on offer to our children in terms of emotional and social growth.